Lissa Lo – City Streets (Official Music Video)

City Streets is out now on all digital platforms! This music video offers a little BTS of our recording session. This one, a pop jazz track, is an oldie but a goodie. I recorded it my last weekend in NYC back in November 2018 with my pals Danny Espita and Mike Rengifo. Anyone who knows me personally knows that New York is my favorite place in the world (even if I’m not there right now). The city leaves no room for boredom and no shortage of memorable experiences. You’ll be challenged, you’ll have no choice but to grow and you’ll find some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet there. When I was there, I fell in love with jazz and its history with the city. This song is my love letter to New York – a place I’ll always think of as a second home (honestly though ily Miami but nyc got you beat lol). Hope you enjoy my little taste of what life was like for me there.

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