Music Update


Finally – here’s some new music! It’s been about a year since my last release. 2019 has been a crazy year for me with a lot of life-changing events shifting my focus. As a producer, I’m always changing my sound based on what I’m feeling and what I’m listening to. And so, I wasn’t able to keep up with myself as an artist, and stay consistent enough to release a new collection of songs within the same genre. Additionally, the last couple months I’ve decided to focus on songwriting and acting instead of releasing music as an artist. I wasn’t planning on doing the artist thing again for a little while, but I can’t just let all of this new music sit on my laptop. SO- I’ll be releasing new music (of different genres/sounds) throughout the rest of year. I’ll give you a little info on the songwriting process with each release. Hope you guys enjoy. City Streets is out now on all digital platforms! 🙂

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